IDL Techni Edge LLC

30 Boright Avenue
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Krista Maslowski

About IDL Techni Edge LLC:

IDL Techni Edge has been manufacturing blades and hand tools since 1979 and is proud that our blades are made in the USA. We manufacture all types of hand tool knives and blades including hobby, utility, single edge, flooring, and more. With more than forty years of experience designing and manufacturing custom, specialty, and OEM blades, IDL Techni Edge can meet all your straight edge blade needs. IDL Techni Edge also offers innovative knives and tools, including our award-winning REVO Folding Utility Knife.

Specialties: Blade manufacturing, Innovative knives and tools, Industrial blades, Food processing blades, Custom blades, OEM blades

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