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NIST-MEP / NJMEP Support – State & Federal Delegation

State-of-the-State New Jersey Manufacturing is an NJMEP-led initiative to increase legislator awareness about the importance of manufacturing and STEM to our state. Please sign NJMEP’s petition. For any questions, call 973-998-9801


Dear New Jersey State & Federal Delegation,

We the undersigned are all New Jersey-based Manufacturers, STEM-Support companies, and Partners of NJMEP’s (New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program), and we are offering this discourse as one of complete support and of great concern, as this critical program continues to fight for sustainability and growth, even in this time of great resurgence.

The NIST-MEP National Network is a key to an Industry that drives financial health in the United States and in New Jersey.

We have made some solid progress in 2017:

* 100% Bi-Partisan Support from our Federal Delegation for NIST-MEP
* The Creation of a Bi-Partisan NJ Manufacturing Caucus led by Senators Bob Gordon & Steven Oroho – giving Manufacturing/STEM a much-need voice
* A possible Bond Issue to expand CTE Schools, County Colleges, and (maybe) NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network
* Hosting the #1 MEP Center in the nation in NJMEP

When you consider this industry in New Jersey alone; Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Engineering, Service/Maintenance, and Logistics – there are over 11,000 firms employing over 400,000 New Jerseyans in highly skilled (both Collegiate and Industrial) positions that command the highest average wage of any sector – and – drives jobs at a 4:1 ratio.

Furthermore, we are less concerned about ‘bringing jobs back’, then we are about backing and expanding those of us that never left in the first place. The compatible scourges’ of Skills-Gap and Outmigration can only be solved through a true Public-Private Partnership.

Please accept this letter and the applied signatories as our formal request to you, our State & Federal Delegation, to include and (even) increase the Budgets of Programs that work. The MEP National Network alone provides a 9:1 Return on Investment nationally and 1:1 in New Jersey.

Best Regards,

John W. Kennedy, Ph.D.

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