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NIST-MEP / NJMEP Support – State & Federal Delegation

State-of-the-State New Jersey Manufacturing is an NJMEP-led initiative to increase legislator awareness about the importance of manufacturing and STEM to our state. Please sign NJMEP’s petition. For any questions, call 973-998-9801

We the undersigned are all New Jersey-based Manufacturers, STEM-Support companies, and Partners of NJMEP’s (New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program), and we are offering this discourse as one of complete support and of great concern, as this critical program continues to fight for sustainability and growth during a time where the industry needs it most.

The NIST-MEP National Network is a key to an industry that drives financial health in the United States and in New Jersey.

NJMEP made some solid progress in 2020:

  • We continue to have 100% Bi-Partisan Support from our Federal Delegation for NIST-MEP and a $150 million National Budget
  • NJMEP worked closely with the Congressional delegation on legislation to support manufacturing during the COVID crisis
  • With input from us, the State declared manufacturing essential thus allowing the industry to remain open when other businesses were required to close
  • Working closely with the Bi-Partisan NJ Manufacturing Caucus led by Senators Linda Greenstein and Steven Oroho we moved pro-manufacturing legislation forward
  • NJMEP’s GAINS & PACE Pre-Apprentice & Apprentice Programs assisted manufacturers in meeting their workforce challenges
  • NJMEP created a resource of and for manufacturers who have or wish to provide PPE. This resource was provided to the State. As a result, there is now a focus on developing a NJ Supply Chain of critical products.
  • NJMEP’s expertise in this area resulted in NJMEP working with Senator Menendez to develop a bill in support of a national manufacturing database
  • The NJMEP Food Group expanded its presence by providing essential training to food manufacturers across the country
  • The Cyber Security Program assisted NJ manufacturers in securing their systems thus meeting DOD requirements for its supply chain as well as securing non-defense manufacturers.
  • With all the 2020 challenges, NJMEP remained a top-rated MEP Centers in the nation
  • The New Jersey State Budget included NJMEP

However, there are both new and ongoing concerns that will impact business in 2021:

  • Marijuana Legislation – workplace safety versus privacy issues
  • COVID-19, both Safety Protocol and its impact on the workforce
  • Raising the awareness of manufacturing as a Career Path
  • Supply chain that is made in New Jersey
  • Workforce development of incumbent workers and recruitment of personnel to meet staffing needs
  • Federal tariffs on aluminum and steel
  • One of the Highest Corporate Tax Rates in the country
  • Outmigration of companies & people
  • Continuation of State Pension shortfalls that curtails investment into other sectors
  • Energy Concerns that include a Nuclear Energy Subsidy and a CO2 ‘Cap & Trade’ Regional program
  • $15 Minimum Wage Increase Plan
  • Storm water Utility Tax, Expansion of Family & Sick Leave offerings, and limiting of Non-Compete Agreements

In order to see change, New Jersey’s manufacturers must continue to unite with legislators, educators and the public. Creating career pathways and apprenticeship programs will also help solve industry challenges. Manufacturing has a great story to tell and manufacturing generates revenues for government and creates good jobs for working people.

As NJMEP continues to work more closely with the Bi-Partisan Manufacturing Caucus, it is extremely important for companies to come to Trenton on session days, either to testify before the Caucus or to be there to support those who are to address/raise concerns.

Please accept this letter and the applied signatories as our formal request to you, our State & Federal Delegation, to include and (even) increase the Budgets on Programs that work. The National NIST-MEP Network alone provides a 14.4:1 Return on Investment nationally and 30:1 in New Jersey.

Best Regards,

John W. Kennedy, Ph.D.

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