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6/15, 6/16, 6/22, 6/23/2023

All training is conducted with Power-Point presentations, Videos, Group Discussions, Hands on Demonstrations and Practices, Questions and Answers.

Training is conducted over four, 7 ½ hour days.

Day 1 

Intro to Safety: What is Safety, Why Safety, Safety and Health Programs, What causes accidents, How to prevent Accidents/Incidents, Hierarchy of Controls, OSHA focus 4, How to read the OSHA standards, Competent Person

Intro to OSHA: (Mandatory) OSHA’s History, OSHA’s Purpose, Worker rights, Employer’s Responsibility, Reporting, Recordkeeping, Multi-Employer Citation Policy

Safety Management:  General Safety and Health Provisions, Emergency Action Plans, Safety Programs, Business Case for Safety, How to Conduct a Jobsite Safety Inspection.

Caught-in / Struck-by: Caught-in / Struck-by, Tools, Personal Protective Equipment

Day 2

 Review of previous day’s training.

Caught-in / Struck-by Continued: 

Electricity: What is electricity, how it causes Injury, How to protect from electrocution.

Fall Protection Prevention: Fall Protection Prevention techniques, Scaffolds, Ladders, Aerial Lifts, Slips Trips and fall

Other participant related subjects*

Day 3

Excavation and Trenching: Soil Classification, Sloping, Benching, Shoring

Confined Space Entry, Atmospheric testing/monitoring, Authorized Entrant, Attendant, Supervisor, Confined Space Rescue

Fire protection/ prevention: Classes of Fires and Extinguishers, How and when to use a Fire Extinguisher. Rules for Fire Safety

Other participant related subjects*

Day 4

Health Hazards in Construction Awareness:  Lead, Asbestos, Silica, Noise, Heat, Mold,

Haz-Com GHS: Container labeling, Safety Data Sheets, Pictograms, NFPA Fire Diamond, Emergency Response Guidebook, HMIS, USDOT Placards.

*Other participant related subjects

Lock out-Tag Out: Authorized persons, affected person, supervisor/Competent Person

NFPA 70 E: Arc Flash/ Blast Protection for electricians

Cranes Subpart CC: Types of cranes, Competent Person, Inspections

Qualified Rigger, Signaler: Inspecting and configuring Rigging equipment, attachment points Sling angles, Hand Signals

Bloodborne Pathogens: Hepatitis A B &C, HIV/Aids

Driver Safety: Defensive driving techniques, visual directional control. 

Material Handling/Rigging, Safe lifting strategies, Ergonomics, Rigging equipment inspection use and protection

Ergonomics: Safe lifting strategies, Muscular Skeletal disorders, How to protect yourself from MSDs

Welding Safety: Eye and Face Protection, Weld Flash protection PPE, Flammable Gas Storage

Over Head Crane Safety: Inspection and safe use of gantry, cranes and slings

Roadway Safety Worker: Preventing Rollovers, and Struck-by accidents in Roadway Work zones, MUTCD Flagger

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Threats, Quid pro quo, Verbal, Visual, etc…

Covid 19 Awareness/Protection: What is covid, history, hazard controls, PPE, etc…

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