array(8) { ["sf_event_description"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(1213) "For the manufacturing industry, post-pandemic inventory management comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. Learn how to overcome some specific challenges and strategies for managing inventory in the manufacturing sector: Supply Chain Visibility: Enhance visibility across the entire supply chain. Supplier Collaboration: Strengthen collaboration with key suppliers. Establish clear communication channels and work closely with suppliers to ensure a stable and reliable flow of materials. Production Planning and Scheduling: Optimize production planning and scheduling processes. Utilize advanced planning tools and algorithms to align production with demand forecasts, minimizing excess inventory and avoiding stockouts. Digital Transformation: Implement automation, robotics, and data analytics to streamline manufacturing processes and gain real-time insights into inventory levels and much more. By addressing these challenges and implementing strategic solutions, manufacturing businesses can optimize inventory management processes in the post-pandemic era, promoting resilience and efficiency in the supply chain." } ["sf_event_start_date"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(14) "March 20, 2024" } ["sf_event_start_time"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(13) "11:00:00.000Z" } ["sf_event_end_date"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(14) "March 20, 2024" } ["sf_event_end_time"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(13) "12:00:00.000Z" } ["sf_sync_id"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(5) "69052" } ["_sf_sync_id"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(19) "field_620bbf9ab741e" } ["sf_salesforce_id"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(18) "701UY000004CfrWYAS" } }