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MAY 4, 2023 |  9AM-1PM | Trenton War Memorial, Trenton, NJ

The 2023 NJMEP State–of–the–State Manufacturing Summit (SotS)* is the chance for manufacturers to explain their challenges and for the Legislature to present their goals and solutions for the year ahead and beyond. The NJMEP State of the State Manufacturing Summit is an in-person event in 2023. The Town Hall-style event is offering business leaders the chance to have their voices heard.

*This event is for Manufacturers, STEM Firms, and NJ Elected Officials Only



NJMEP’s State-of-the-State of Manufacturing Summit brings together manufacturing, STEM Firm executives, and NJ elected officials, only, to share information and highlight challenges within the industry. Manufacturers and Legislators will collaborate during a “Town Hall” style discussion on industry-critical topics. New Jersey state officials and manufacturers will be highlighting the most disruptive issues the industry is forced to face. These conversations will work to collaboratively create solutions to address these challenges.

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