The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, NJMEP is dedicated to New Jersey manufacturers, their business, and their local communities. Manufacturing is about people. The people needed to make, distribute, and utilize the products these businesses work so hard to develop. To ensure New Jersey communities and their people continue to thrive, NJMEP created two scholarship programs that offer individuals the chance to take professional steps forward.

Both of these scholarships are focused on furthering education and obtaining critical professional skills to help secure employment. They aim to accomplish this mission through two different avenues. For a more in-depth look at the scholarships available through NJMEP, review the information below. 

The Anthony DeSantis ‘Service to America’ Scholarship

In honor of his long commitment to collegiate & technical education in New Jersey, the Anthony DeSantis ‘Service to America’ Scholarship was developed to commemorate his memory. Anthony worked with NJMEP for 14 years and defined his belief in extending educational opportunities into the technical and vocation fields of study.

This scholarship is reserved for Active Duty, Guard Members, Veterans, or immediate family members of Active Duty/Veterans of the US Military. 

Bob Beaman ‘B-Involved‘ Scholarship

Remembering Bob Beaman, life-long Madison, New Jersey resident – The ‘B-Involved’ Scholarship recognizes young adults who are conscious and committed to the wellbeing of their local communities.

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Training Scholarship

Through a partnership with the New Jersey Business Action Center (BAC), NJMEP can now offer this accelerated program at a reduced cost to an employer.

The CLT Training Scholarship is designed for New Jersey businesses to take advantage of the cost savings to upskill their workforce and provide critical skills. Utilizing the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) CLT format, NJMEP provides employees with a comprehensive overview and introduction to logistics so these individuals can contribute more to their employers. 

For more information about the CLT Training Scholarship, contact us today! 

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