The Food Industry has been reacting positively and generously to assure Americans have enough Food.

Accordingly, the Federal Government, the FDA, FEMA & Homeland Security have designated food manufacturers, their supply chain and the transportation & distribution networks as essential businesses.

We are reaching out to the NJ food manufacturing community and asking them to identify any shortages / delays they are experiencing because of COVID – 19.

We will also ask what capability or capacity you may have to help other manufacturers resolve some of their supply chain needs.

To begin this initiative, please fill out the food supply chain form below. Once we catalog the information, NJMEP will reach out to help you provide or obtain services.

If anyone has a question, please call Bob Salamone, Director Vertical Engagements at 908-797-0018. I am available from 8 AM to 9 PM Daily and over the weekend.

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