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NJMEP is always looking to expand its resource database with providers that offer high-quality, market-driven, cost-effective services that we can offer to our customers.

  1. What are the benefits to working with NJMEP
  2. Qualification Process
  3. Conducting a Client Project
  4. Quality Control and Monitoring Project Work

1. What are the benefits to working with NJMEP?

NJMEP provides our resources with:

  • Sales and Distribution Channel — Access to over 11,000 small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies in New Jersey — Reducing the resource’s sales and marketing costs, and providing an opportunity to increase sales.
  • Pre-qualified Prospects — The Account Manager conducts the initial assessment and brings the resource in only after a need has been identified – Significantly reducing the resource’s selling cost and cycle.
  • Limited Liability — All contracts are written between the resource and NJMEP — Guaranteeing that you will get paid if all the project requirements are met.

2. Qualification Process

The first step in becoming an NJMEP resource is to complete the Consulting Resource Application.

  • The Consulting Resource Application requests basic information about your organization; general qualifications, areas of expertise, industry focus and references. Click here to fill out an application.
  • Note: NJMEP does not accept applications from organizations that are product vendors and/or resellers. Incomplete information packages will not be processed. All questions and requests for information should be made via email. If we have a demand for the type of services that your organization provides, you will be contacted and asked to complete the next step in the process, which includes defining specific services that your organization is willing to provide to NJMEP’s clients.

3. Conducting a Client Project

The NJMEP Account Manager is responsible for contracting with the Resource for a specific project with an NJMEP client. Pre-contract activities may include a preliminary meeting with the client, negotiating project cost and payments, and creating project contracts. Contracts are created for specific client projects. All contracts are fixed price and NJMEP does not pay travel expenses.

During the project, the Account Manager is responsible for macro project management to ensure that the project is on schedule, within budget and meets our quality expectations.

4. Quality Control and Monitoring Project Work

Ten days after the client project is complete, the client receives a brief online customer satisfaction survey to determine:

  • If they were happy with the services we provided them,
  • Whether the project added value to the company
  • What type of positive impact do they anticipate this project having on their company

During the course of a project, operations maintain a macro and micro approach to monitoring the progress. Communication with the resource is critical to the process and is focused into three categories: quarterly, monthly and daily checks. This process ensures operations can project the outcome of the project and assess any issues before they become major problems while keeping track and reaching completion in a timely manner. If necessary the account manager and/or operations will intervene and take the necessary steps to ensure the project is on the correct course to succeed.

After project completion, the Operations Manager will meet with the Resource to determine if the project has been completed, the scope of work has been satisfied and if the final invoice has been submitted. A discussion will be had about project challenges and successes, as well as possible client needs and future business opportunities. This information will be used by the Account Manager and Operations Manager in a subsequent meeting known as the Project Close-Out. This is a client meeting in which the project is reviewed, client concerns are addressed and future engagements are determined. It renews our Engagement Cycle and enables NJMEP to continuously assist our clients.

NIST also surveys the clients with more in depth questions.

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