Andrew Duda
Sr. Operations Manager
Laura Fisher
Grant & HR Support
James Hogan
Assistant Operations Manager
Mary Mongioj
Sales Support and Admin
Ken Schwemmer
Advocacy and Operations Support
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Open Enrollment

Kathleen Baldwin
Sales Support Manager


Judith Fleischer
Federal Advocacy – Consultant
Constantina Meis
Community Relations Manager
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Lyle Briggs
Graphic Designer
Alan Gung
Copywriter and Public Relations Support
Olga Vargas
Assistant Marketing Project Manager
Michael Womack
Marketing and Communications Manager
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Robyn Casabona
Senior Director of Finance
Kia Sanders
Senior Administrator
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Bijal Shah
Accounts Payable Specialist

Subject Matter Experts


Juliana Canale
Food Manufacturing & Regulatory Expert
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Patrick DeVarso
Cyber Security Sales Lead
David Visalli
Cyber Security Sales Lead

Life Sciences

James P. McAliney
Life Science & Chemical Manufacturing Lead
Peter Russo
Life Sciences Sales Leader
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