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About AutoDrill:

AutoDrill is a source for drilling, tapping and other metalworking equipment. We automate basic processes within manufacturers' locations for their hole processing needs.

Here are some of the basic products we offer:

Automated Drills: Capable of performing hole processes from 1/32? to over 2? and perfect for most drilling, reaming or specialty process applications.

Multi Drill Heads: Available with as few as one or two spindles to as many as 40+ spindles. Multi-spindle drill products are generally used for drilling, but often customized to be used for applications as diverse as the imagination.

Drill Press Tapping Equipment: Whether you tap one hole at a time or want to tap a dozen or more, we would love to assist you with our products. Many times, your own drill press can be modified for the process!

Production Tapping Equipment: Products such as lead screw tappers, self feed tappers and multiple spindle tapping equipment.

Electrical Controls and Pneumatic Controls – AutoDrill can often support your needs in these areas. Whether it be a simple drill stroke or a complicated sequenced operation, we would love to discuss your needs with you.

Free Basic Application and Engineering Assistance – Since day #1, AutoDrill has offered assistance to it’s customers on a variety of levels. Whether you need basic PDF drawings for your presentation or customer quote or a more detailed drawing to design your fixture, we can help.

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