Cartridge Actuated Devices

51 Dwight Place, Fairfield NJ
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Anthony Clarke

About Cartridge Actuated Devices:

Cartridge Actuated Devices, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the field of custom pyrotechnic development. We design and manufacture energetic CAD/PAD devices including explosive squibs, pressure cartridges, valves, cable cutters, actuators, pin pullers, thrusters, explosive bolts, puncture devices, pneumatic actuation systems, underwater devices and oilfield products.

These products are specifically configured for the task at hand and are designed to be the most reliable and fastest acting devices that you will find anywhere. Our output_0cueweproducts are employed in a wide variety of military, industrial and scientific applications all over the world.
Since our founding in 1963, CAD designs are based on mission critical, man rated applications that are required to perform “first-time, every-time”. These philosophies, with a focus on quality and reliability, enables CAD to design and deliver customized state-of-the-art total pyrotechnic solutions for the worldwide markets, including defense, military, fire suppression and oil field sectors.

NJ Congressional District: 11

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