Disc Makers

7905 N. Route 130
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
Michael Marie

About Disc Makers:

Disc Makers is a leader and innovator in optical disc manufacturing for independent artists, filmmakers and businesses producing over 20,000 titles a year.  The company, which was founded in 1946, operates one of the most vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in the industry‹providing its customers with a one stop solution for all their digital media needs.  Disc Makers has been an early promoter of low and no-plastic packaging formats like the Digipak, jacket, and eco-wallet and runs an aggressive internal recycling program for all recyclable waste such as paper trimmings, plastic from production overruns or rejects, nickel from CD and DVD stampers, and more.  Its products leave as low an eco-footprint as possible.

Disc Makers was featured in an NJMEP Success Story. Click here to read "Disc Makers Looks To NJMEP To Help Transform The Company."

Disc Makers

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