Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

99 Commerce Road
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Jim McNamara

About Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.:

As the leading plastics distributor in North America, Emco Industrial Plastics offers an extensive inventory of engineering, high performance, and commodity plastics. This massive selection of plastic materials includes Delrin®, Vespel®, Torlon®, Techtron®, Rulon®, Acetal, PEEK, PVDF, Ultem®, Semitron®, Macor®, Acrylic, Polycarbonates, and more, in diverse forms of sheet, rod, tube, profile, and film, and other related products.While plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, and Profile distribution is the company’s primary focus, Emco is also dedicated to offering value-added machining and fabrication services. Our technical support staff has the resources and expertise to assist you in material selection, product and tooling design, testing, and development for your new product. Emco can provide certification to meet industry specific standards (MIL specs, federal specifications, AMS standards, or RoHs compliancy) to fulfill the critical needs of your end-use applications. Our in-house engineers and CNC machine shop can assist you with the parts you need directly from your CAD files or ours. At Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc., we take pride in providing top quality products, quick turn-around, accurate shipments, and superior service through our dedicated and knowledgeable staff!

NJ Congressional District: 11

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