The Green Labs, LLC

Newark,, NJ 07103
David Guerrero

About The Green Labs, LLC:

The Green Labs LLC is dedicated to the manufacturing, innovation, development, commercialization & distribution of organic & conventional herbal, fruit and vegetable ingredients in powder, liquid, extracts, oil and microencapsulated forms. We offer a full array of bulk raw materials and functional ingredients that you will only find on the most exotic and trendy finished product labels in the Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food, Feed, Superfoods and Cosmeceutical industries.

Our goal is to supply high quality, rare, specialty and hard to find raw ingredients from Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa; among other markets. We are proud to offer a huge variety of properly tested ingredients to fulfill the most strict formulation requirements….and most of them are Organic Certified!!

Quality, implementation and traceability are the pillars that support the base of our structure and goals. From plan to execution, control, closing and feedback, our processes are clearly defined under top industry regulatory standards, hence, building customer satisfaction as the core element of our brand recognition.

We partner with qualified professionals focused on Research and Development to promote and create new lines of value added functional ingredients using the most innovative technologies and the healthiest, purest and unusual raw materials with the intention to enforce value and differentiation to our customers’ Finished Products.

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