INDOFINE Chemical Company Inc.

121 Stryker Lane
Bldg 30
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Sujata Moton

About INDOFINE Chemical Company Inc.:

INDOFINE Chemical Company is a research-oriented company with all state of the art facilities that was established in 1981. We provide custom synthesis, contract research and process development. We are the leading producers of several hundred rare chemicals and natural products including flavonoids and other polyphenols. These natural compounds are emerging as a potentially important new class of pharmaceutical compounds with a broad range of biological activities. Very recently, we have also synthesized functionalized natural products such as functionalized flavonoids, isoflavonoids and Resveratrol. These can be used for various research and development purposes and can also be used as intermediates for synthesis of new organic molecules in addition to High Throughput Screening (HTS). We are more than a catalog company…we partner with customers to meet their needs.

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