INTEX Milwork Solutions

20 Bogen Blvd
Millville, NJ 08332
Joe Umosella

About INTEX Milwork Solutions:

INTEX Millwork Solutions was born from a passion for remodeling old homes while embracing modern materials. INTEX products have quickly become the Signature of Excellence in 100% Cellular PVC millwork. The use of modern materials enables INTEX to achieve old world architectural detail with very low maintenance. Finding solutions to millwork challenges led INTEX to replicate a historical railing system by milling Cellular PVC boards around Aluminum Reinforcement providing strength. Architects and builders rely on INTEX’s strengths in both traditional workmanship and engineering technology to craft intricately detailed, high-quality millwork for distinctive homes and buildings.

The INTEX team has a talent for fine craftsmanship and engineering technology. In addition to INTEX’s standard product offering, our technical capabilities enable us to find “Solutions” for difficult projects that require job specific engineering and design assistance. While Railing systems are a significant part of our growth, finding Millwork Solutions remains our passion.

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