Logo Knits

42A Cindy Lane
Ocean, NJ
Dave VanAnda

About Logo Knits:

Logo Knits was formed in 1976 from an idea we had to promote a new generation of knitting machinery sold by our parent company.
We are the originators of the customized knitted blanket and our expertise in the field of knitting and producing these blankets is unsurpassed. Any other knitted blanket is simply an imitation of ours and we back up that statement with our price/quality guarantee. Please see our BLANKETS page to learn more about our guarantee.
Since the bicentennial year of 1976 until today, we have produced nearly two million blankets and have grown from a simple idea to a company with over 8,000 active accounts.
All the processes needed to design, knit, sew, package and ship the blankets are done right here in our factory in Ocean Twp., NJ. We never "contract" work to outside manufacturers, thus ensuring total control over quality and delivery.

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