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Shawn Holton

About Pad2Pad:

Pad2Pad’s mission is to provide easy, convenient and low-cost fabrication of custom circuit boards via the web. And to supply free easy-yet-powerful design software. By fully leveraging the Internet, software, and state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing technologies, their goal is to minimize your cost, time and effort. Making custom boards using conventional vendors can be a cumbersome process of back and forth emails, calls, and software issues. And online services are often not economical in production. Additionally, if using CAD software, the available software options are often expensive, poorly designed or complex.Pad2Pad streamlines the entire custom fabrication process from your screen to delivery at your door. The free Pad2Pad software offers powerful features in a state-of-the-art easy user interface. Software commands are included for creating board layout, evaluating designs, getting automated price quotations, and ordering. Whether you are making a single board or a production run of 100,000, Pad2Pad will be a key factor in your success.

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