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540 county road 519
BELVIDERE, New Jersey 07823
Lucciano Pascucci

About Pascucci 3D:

Welcome to Pascucci 3D, your premier partner in additive
manufacturing innovation. Based in New Jersey, we are dedicated to
pioneering the future of 3D printing across diverse industries and
fostering creative minds of all ages. Our mission is to revolutionize
medical, automotive, and industrial applications through cutting-edge
3D printing technology while nurturing a culture of learning and
At Pascucci 3D, we stand at the forefront of additive manufacturing,
utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to redefine what's possible. Our
commitment to excellence drives us to produce high-quality, precision-
engineered solutions that elevate the capabilities of medical,
automotive, and industrial sectors. We take pride in being a trusted
partner, offering customized 3D printing solutions that address unique
challenges and drive unparalleled results.
Beyond industry innovation, we are passionate about nurturing the
next generation of creators. Our dedicated 3D printing makerspace
provides a dynamic environment for afterschool programs and
engaging summer camps. By welcoming curious minds aged 8 to 17, as
well as individuals of any age, we empower them to unleash their
creativity and explore the limitless possibilities of 3D printing
technology. Through hands-on experiences and guided learning,
participants develop crucial STEM skills while discovering the joy of
bringing their ideas to life.
Pascucci 3D also extends its expertise to educational institutions and
small businesses. Our comprehensive 3D printer sales and rental
programs offer turnkey solutions that empower schools and enterprises
to integrate additive manufacturing seamlessly into their curricula and
operations. We provide not just equipment, but also training and
ongoing support, ensuring that our partners maximize the potential of
3D printing to drive innovation and growth.

Our mission is built on four pillars:
1. Innovation: We lead the way in additive manufacturing
advancements, driving progress in medical, automotive, and
industrial sectors with precision-engineered 3D printing
2. Education: We foster a culture of learning and exploration by
offering 3D printing makerspace experiences for individuals of
all ages, empowering them to become the innovators of
3. Partnership: We collaborate closely with schools and small
businesses, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and
support needed to integrate 3D printing seamlessly into their
4. Quality: We uphold the highest standards of quality in our
products and services, ensuring that every 3D print bears the
mark of excellence that defines Pascucci 3D.
Join us in shaping the future of manufacturing, education, and
creativity. At Pascucci 3D, we don't just print objects – we print

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