Perfect Life Nutrition (Pnuff)

380 saint cloud ave
west orange, New Jersey 07054
juan salinas

About Perfect Life Nutrition (Pnuff):

Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC is a Nutrition company that makes plant-based snacks that are nutritionally balanced providing complete protein, low sugar, low GI complex carbs, good source of fiber and lower calories. The company was created in June 2015 following the dream of Dr. Juan Salinas of developing snacks that were not only healthy but nutritious for active kids and adults. He got started after spending over 20 years of working as a snack developer for several of the largest CPG food companies in the US.

He combined his snack development skills with his passion for health and fitness to create snacks that are delicious and nutritious. The company was featured on ABC Shark Tank in 2020

NJ Congressional District: 10

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