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Sam Sangani

About PNC INC.:

A PC board (PCB or printed circuit board) is at the heart of virtually every electrical device. As the largest PC board manufacturer in the northeast region of the United States, PNC Inc. is firmly committed to the highest possible levels of quality and innovation in all of our PCB fabrication processes to ensure that each and every circuit board that leaves their facility in Nutley, NJ is ready to exceed expectations.

PNC Inc. has been a PC board manufacturer for the past 48 years and specializes in working side-by-side with visionary engineers and buyers in the High Frequency RF/Microwave, Audio, Defense and Medical industries (among others) to create solutions for ever-advancing printed circuit board concepts and designs.

Products & Services:

PCB Design from schematics or concepts
PC Board Manufacturing – USA
Prototype PC Boards
Metal Core/Hybrid PC Boards
RF/Microwave PCBs
MIL Certified PC boards
PC Board Assembly
PC Board Manufacturing – Offshore
Flex & Rigi-Flex PCBs – Quick turn and production
Solder Paste SMT stencil with reusable ACCUFRAME®

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