Precious Cosmetics

40 Meta Lane
Lodi, NJ 07644
Beatrice Rybak-Petrolle

About Precious Cosmetics:

Sami Mikhail, President of Precious Cosmetics is a skilled Chemist and Formulator. His own experience comes from many years of formulating for some of the most prestigious health and beauty manufacturers and distributors including Lancome, Revlon, AM Cosmetics and CMR Cosmetics.

Sami Mikhail started the precious cosmetics company in 1996 to offer new and innovative high end products that could be sold at affordable prices. Mikhail earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Science and pursued advanced coursework in coating technology. He previously worked at Lancome, Pavion and Revlon Companies in Research and Development before starting Precious Cosmetics.

Mikhail’s focus on high end, custom manufactured products at affordable prices is the company’s formula for success along with his team of experienced employees that genuinely care about the customer. The company theme is to achieve “quality without compromise at affordable prices.”

Precious Cosmetic’s staff is committed and dedicated to servicing customers with innovative solutions in various application areas: skin care, hair care, makeup and toiletries.

We understand that the quality of our products is not only a reflection of our company but of yours as well and therefore we strive to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

NJ Congressional District: 5

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