Premier Compaction Systems, LLC

264 Lackawanna Avenue
Woodland Park, NJ
Bob Frustaci

About Premier Compaction Systems, LLC:

Premier Compaction Systems (PCS) specializes in solid waste equipment engineering. PCS has an array of services which may be applied to facilities such as retail, manufacturing, condo/apartment complexes, distribution, pharmaceutical, packaging, schools, hospitals, municipals (Department of Public Works), supermarkets, and nursing homes. The purpose of what we do is to achieve stability in solid waste management. Our services include, but are not limited to: Plant Logistics and Design, Sustainability Compliance, Compactor and Baler Repairs, Compactor/Equipment, Upgrades, Baler Installation and Service, Refurbish Used Equipment, Waste Area and Receptacle Design, as well as Waste Equipment Design and Installation. Our programs are strategically planned with flexibility for changing regulations and a direction toward compliance. We handle design and installation of new, highly efficient waste compaction, baling and shredding equipment.

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