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Laura Sankowich

About Radip Group, LLC:

Radip Group makes high-quality face shields designed for comfortable all-day wear. We've taken direct feedback from nurses and healthcare workers who know PPE. RADIP face shields can be worn comfortably with face masks and other wearables such as glasses and protective eyewear.

RADIP face shields are 100% made in the USA, and were designed reduce environmental waste. Our reusable face shield frames are made from recycled plastics and can easily be cleaned between uses to reduce costs. RADIP face shields comply with the Emergency Use Authorization guidelines. Our shields are well-constructed, with easily adjustable straps to fit all head sizes without stretching. OUr face shields are designed with high visual quality in mind to reduce glare and fogging, while providing full face coverage. The partially closed top, and lightweight design supports comfort for extended wear.

Radip face shields are engineered to eliminate pressure points on the temples and forehead, and include a comfort strip to provide added cushioning across contact points. Our shield fronts can be replaced as needed, however with proper cleaning they can be reused to reduce environmental waste

Radip group can also help with product design and ideation. We can help you take your concept from the conceptual phase, through to design and prototyping. We can conduct a design analysis and identify any problem areas of your product before you begin production. Every ounce of material counts in production, and the analysis of your product may minimize production costs associated with wasted material, re-tooling during production, or unnecessary post production retooling that can cost you significantly.

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