Tektite Industries

Trenton, NJ
Scott Mele

About Tektite Industries:

Tektite Industries is a leading Trenton-based manufacturer of LED lighting solutions.  We offer more than 200 portable LED flashlights and lighting systems with diving, aviation, emergency services, military, and law enforcement applications.  Our product line is far-reaching, with consistent sales to nations in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as in our home continent, North America.  Tektite competes in the global lighting market by incorporating the latest in LED technologies into its constantly growing inventory of products.  Best of all, Tektite's products are Made in the USA with all products assembled and shipped from the company's Trenton factory.

Tektite Industries was featured in an NJMEP Success Story. Click here to read "CNC Skills Increase Workers Productivity."


NJ Congressional District: 12

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