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About Triad RF Systems, Inc.:

Triad RF Systems is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of integrated radio systems, RF/microwave bi-directional amplifiers, custom multi-functional amplifier systems, and power amplifiers. Our high-performance products are ideal for the demanding environments of aerospace, military, defense, including unmanned aerial and land vehicles, satellite research, and telecommunications.

Triad RF Systems was founded by three partners with decades of accumulated expert knowledge of what is required to design, manufacture, and service RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems in challenging environments. We understand the market pressures for increasing data transmission while simultaneously requiring less DC power. These opposing forces create challenging issues for RF power amplifiers. Triad RF has stepped up to this challenge by creating some of the most linear and efficient amplifiers on the market.

David Campbell
Dean Handrinos
Stephen Barthelmes


Amplified Radios (THPRs):
Amplified Radio Systems Our turnkey amplified radio solutions extend high speed data intensive link ranges for critical missions & platforms. Our main product line, the THPR high power radio system (THPR), is a radio-agnostic solution for when an extended communications range is needed from modern, high bandwidth military radio systems utilizing technologies such as MIMO and Mesh Networking.

RF Power Amplifiers: (Pas)
Triad’s line of RF and microwave Power Amplifies for extended range amplified radio applications set the bar for efficiency, linearity, and size-to-power ratio. We have designed hundreds of COTS modules for exacting frequencies up to 40 GHz. They offer high power levels into the hundreds of watts. And if a standard RF/microwave amplifier design does not fit, we’re specialists in creating custom-modified versions of any of our COTS power amplifier modules.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs)
We also develop lightweight COTS Bi-directional Amplifiers that are simple to integrate, reliable, and rugged enough to pass any MIL-STD-810G test. They come in a package size that is unmatched by other amplifier and microwave radio manufacturers. Our BDAs are the first choice for many radio system designs in applications where more RF power is required to create ultra-long-range unmanned data links and other radio communications, and/or in applications that require the highest data throughput. Our low-SWaP (size, weight and power) bi-directional amplifiers are ideal for unmanned vehicle applications, such as extending the useful range of high-speed data links. These high-linearity, low-noise amplifiers are already in operation on several different unmanned aerial and ground vehicle platforms, including the Penguin B, Bat 12 and Shadow M2.

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