Newark, NJ
Colin Greene

About Unionwear:

If your company is looking for a U.S. manufacturer for custom hats, shirts or bags the Newark based Unionwear should be your first call.  Founded in 1992 the company is committed to supporting American workers by providing nothing but quality products that are manufactured here.  Unionwear has expanded into niches suited for the agile, local, "LEAN" manufacturer: small batch manufacturing and lightning fast product development. A custom “cut and sew” company,” Unionwear is able to deliver hats, bags, travel gear, safety products and work wear in four weeks from order placement...far less than overseas manufacturing.  Now that exchange rates and shipping headaches have made imported product less appealing, Unionwear’s fast turn around makes it a great affordable choice, even for labor-intensive hats and bags.  Products made in its shirt and bag factories and its embroidery shops are only available from Unionwear or ASI distributors.  When your company needs premiums or uniforms visit www.Unionwear.com or give Colin Greene a call at (973)854-6725 to learn more about the company, its products and to find a distributor.

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