US Organic Group Corp

90 Dayton Ave.
STE 132
Passaic, NJ 07055
Leonard Moon

About US Organic Group Corp:

The company started as a single entrepreneur, a small scale business in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Since it developed its first product in 2012, it extended its product lines to organic repellents, organic body oils and organic baby oils. Now it became a certified organic products manufacturing company.

Our mission is to provide the best & safest products we can get and also products which are in harmony with nature.US-Organic uses only natural and/or organic ingredients as a way to thank mother-nature for the great gifts offered to us. The materials are grown organically to produce our innovative products and they are environmentally friendly.

US Organic appreciates what nature has provided us. Nature has been enriched with amazing things. These things are not only pleasing to the senses but are also a source of strength and cure. There is nothing powerful yet as gentle as nature: this is the guideline formula for US-Organic. US-Organic use powerful and healthy natural ingredients to gently treat and soothe your skin.

US Organic keeps growing and expand its product portfolio and expand its market.

Again, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best products with the highest best quality ingredients that you can get.

Nature for Nurture.

US Organic

NJ Congressional District: NJ-5

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