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2182 Route 35 South
Holmdel, NJ 07733
Kurt Polinger

About Voyant Beauty:

Voyant is the only integrated partner who can serve the entire product lifecycle. Voyant’s integrated network of innovation and manufacturing capabilities delivers responsive solutions and increased speed to market. Our capacity and infrastructure adjust manufacturing to meet customer needs, scaling up and down while retooling for quick turnarounds. Our networked capabilities pull in the full breadth of offerings, making us a world-class, one-stop partner for taking your brand to the next

Innovation is not just what we do—it’s who we are. It is built into the very DNA of Voyant—how teams are structured, how supply chain is handled, and which products are brought to market—an innovative mindset and way of working guarantees market-changing success. We continually invest in enhancing our innovation processes and developing next-level solutions, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve. Voyant is ready to serve and able to deliver. Our investment in best-in-class technology powers speed to market—the likes of which the industry has never seen, meaning the best new products get to consumers faster than ever before. Our processes enable operations under compressed timeframes. What once took weeks or months can now be completed in days. Ready at any given moment, we can provide you flexible production capacity as a valued partner. With a cross-functional approach focused on agility and scalability, Voyant Beauty ensures challenges are met and expectations exceeded.

Whether you are an emerging brand looking for innovation or an established brand needing manufacturing solutions, Voyant Beauty delivers solutions driven by innovation.

Key Personnel:
Richard McEvoy

Bill Saracco

Bill Smith
SVP Supply Chain

Ann Miller
SVP Human Resources

Lorne Lucree

Andrew Davis
SVP Business Development

Major Products:
Hair Care, Skin Care, Bath and Body Care, Self-Tan, OTC (sun care, acne, barrier protection, dandruff), Hydro-Alcohols Formula (EDP, EDT, cologne, body mist), Suspension Systems, Hot Fills (waxes, sticks, heavy crémes), Anhydrous (oils, scrubs, balms, bath salts), Bi-Phase and Tri-Phase Solutions, Hair and Body Powders

Specialized Services:
Controlled Finishes, Layered and Marbled Filling, Topcoats, Spouted Pouch and Packette Filling, BPO, Retinols, High-Speed Filling, Advanced Raw Material Access, Package Sourcing, Emerging Brands Unit

Product Expertise:
• Hair Care
• Skin Care
• Bath and Body Care
• Self-Tan
• OTC (sun care, acne, barrier protection, dandruff)
• Hydro-Alcohol Formulas (EDP, EDT, cologne, body mist)
• Suspension Systems
• Hot Fills and Waxes
• Anhydrous (oils, scrubs, balms, bath salts)
• Controlled Finishes
• Layered and Marbled Filling
• Topcoats

Packaging Expertise
• Bottles
• Jars
• Tubes
• Pourable Bags / Spouted Pouches
• Sachets / Foil Packets
• Tamper-Proof Seals
• Foil-Induction Seals
• Shrink Sleeves
• Cartons
• Roller Balls
• Crimping Closures
• Cello Wrap
• Sticks

NJ Congressional District: 13th

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