Zago Manufacturing Company

21 E Runyon Street
Newark, NJ 07114
Gail Friedberg

About Zago Manufacturing Company:

Based in Newark New Jersey, and founded in 1993, ZAGO is an award-winning manufacturer (NJMEP 2017 Manufacturing Small Business) of American-made, clean and sustainable high-tech sealing solutions and components. Thousands of engineers, OEMs and distributors worldwide depend on ZAGO switch boots and pressure and corrosion–resistant sealing fasteners with O-ring technology to protect and seal out water, fuel, dust and other contaminants from either entering or exiting and damaging complex, high-asset equipment. Our sealing fasteners can be found in aerial drones, spacecraft, underwater submarines, invasive medical devices, such as medical ventilators, enclosures and more. A registered ISO 9001:2015 company, ZAGO meets the strict specifications of military standard NASM 82496 and offers solutions that satisfy FDA, DFARS, UL and MET U.S. criteria. The company is REACH, RoHS and California Prop 65 compliant.

ZAGO high-tech sealing solutions and components are used in countless industries, including aerospace, military and defense, electronics and enclosures, commercial lighting, medical devices, robotics and drones, marine, energy generation and recovery and automotive. Clients include the U.S. Airforce, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Ventec Life Systems, Apple, Google, Raytheon, Ferrari, BOSE, Teledyne Marine, and Lockheed Martin.

NJ Congressional District: 10th

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