Zaic Design LLC

3490 US Highway 1
Unit 19B2
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Yumi Zaic

About Zaic Design LLC:

We specialize in developing precision scientific instruments for a variety of fields, including medical, life science, manufacturing and technology.
We help our clients to develop and iterate their product ideas by designing, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing all in-house in Princeton, NJ.
The in-house machining capability has lead us to take on custom automation projects beyond simple robot integration. We enjoy nuanced applications that require creative custom solutions. Our specialty is automation involving data acquisition or integration of existing proprietary equipment.
We manufacture custom automated systems right here in Princeton, NJ. We are proud of the team we have developed that come together to merge mechanical precision and software control to provide elegant solutions for our client's challenges.

NJ Congressional District: 3

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