Zero Surge Inc.

889 State Rt. 12
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Donna De Vico

About Zero Surge Inc.:

Zero Surge Inc. is a NJ manufacturer of failure-free surge protection products that repeatedly suppress even worst case surges and remove EMI/RFI noise disturbances from the power line. Available in plug-in, panel mount, and OEM open chassis models, the patented series mode filter technology design eliminates the surge damage and equipment loss often experienced with sacrificial metal oxide varistor (MOV) type surge suppressors. Zero Surge units are used by corporations, medical facilities, universities, utilities, banks, ocean vessels, as well as in military, government, manufacturing, retail, and residential applications to protect computers, TVs, gaming consoles, audio equipment, copiers, security systems, medical & laboratory equipment, Point of Sale systems, digital menu boards, teleconferencing equipment, CNC machinery, and countless other sensitive electronics. In business since 1989, there have been no reports of surge failures, fires, or product recalls in the company’s history.

NJ Congressional District: 7th Congressional District / New Jersey's 21st State Legislative District

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