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5 Tips For Reducing Energy Costs

Manufacturers of all sizes, especially small to medium-sized companies, are looking for ways to reduce energy costs. Here are 5 tips for reducing energy costs without breaking the bank:

Have air compressors inspected for leaks

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs is to ensure current equipment is operating at its peak efficiency level.  Air compressors can be a real drain on energy costs if not properly maintained. Have someone conduct an inspection of the air compressors to discover any leaks. When you’re roaming your facility, also listen for any hissing noises. These leaks can cause extra energy to be used, wasting more money.

Check your lighting

Manufacturing facilities are often well-lit locations. Make sure that you have energy-efficient lighting installed.  Using florescent or LED fixtures can help you save money. Playing with the levels of light can also have a factor.  Maybe your facility doesn’t have to be covered in heavy light at all hours of the day and night.

Use electricity at optimal operating hours

Electrical rates can vary based on the time of the day that they are used.  Business owners can use this to their advantage by changing up the operating hours of the manufacturing facility.  When a business uses energy at peak periods, the rates for that electricity are going to increase greatly.  The peak times are usually in the afternoon and early evening hours.  If a business owner has the flexibility to change production times so that the facility is operating at off-peak hours, this will go a long way in immediately reducing energy costs.

Get the staff involved at every stage

Continuous improvement is an important part of any company. With the onset of ideals such as lean manufacturing, business owners are always looking for ways to make things better. By getting employees involved at every stage of the game, business owners will allow their staff to come up with their own ideas in reducing energy costs. It will also make staff aware of doing easy things such as turning off lights and equipment when they are not in use and reducing waste, whenever possible.

Reducing energy costs can be achieved using multiple different tactics. The manufacturing industry is all about maintaining high quality output while doing it the most inexpensive way possible!

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