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NJMEP RV Will Bring Advanced Manufacturing Training to You 


The manufacturing industry in New Jersey is close to having access to a mobile training center that, once completed, will be traveling across the Garden State, bringing with it the latest technologies in modern manufacturing to bring upskilling where it is needed. NJMEP is kitting out a custom-built, 38 by 8.5-foot 2023 Winnebago WFJ38S, which will have the ability to be loaded up with the industry’s latest advanced manufacturing tech or turned into a classroom on demand. 

Mobile Training Center Advanced Manufacturing Technology On-Board:  

  • 3D Printers 
  • Robotic Arms 
  • HAAS PLC powered Desktop Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) mills 
  • Augmented Reality ARC welding equipment 
  • Laser Engraving Machines 
  • The ability to provide custom training depending on the company/partner’s needs  

The NJMEP Mobile Training Center will be the ultimate tool for advanced manufacturing skills training. 


The goal of NJMEP’s Mobile Training Center is to make Advanced Manufacturing training and careers more accessible to jobseekers looking to break into the manufacturing industry or to further advance their current career in manufacturing. Manufacturers who need training but don’t have the space to accommodate hands-on and/or classroom education can take advantage of the mobile training center. As New Jersey’s premier training and consulting partner for manufacturers, NJMEP understands the difficult and time-consuming nature of upskilling your team on the latest certifications and trainings. The mobile training center will make it easier for manufacturers to facilitate on-site training. Rather than having to invest the time and resources on traveling to the nearest training facility to upskill your employees, now you’ll have the opportunity to enlist NJMEP’s mobile training lab to come to your facility and train your staff directly on-site, saving you time, energy, and reducing costs.  

NJMEP’s Mobile Training Center is an answer to the time and transportation issue of some communities. Many of the workers in the manufacturing sector are from overburdened communities where transportation to the nearest training facility is either difficult or simply not possible. Being able to bring advanced manufacturing skill training to these areas will help these workers further their careers, foster interest in the industry, and make a dent in the labor shortage. 


The NJMEP Mobile Training Center will not only be providing training to existing manufacturing professionals, but it will also be inspiring the next generation of makers and creators! The Future Makers & Creators Tour offers a unique opportunity for schools in New Jersey to learn about and experience modern manufacturing first-hand! NJMEP will be traveling to schools in all 21 New Jersey counties bringing the latest advanced manufacturing technologies to students all over the state so they can see and experience modern manufacturing in action. They will hear from manufacturers, learn about the industry, and get to connect with employers in their area. 

Manufacturers can join the movement by getting involved with The Future Makers & Creators tour, where they’ll have an opportunity to speak to students about their professional experience in the industry, discuss the various career paths open to them, and make connections with the future workforce in their area. Manufacturers can help shine a light on the career opportunities available in manufacturing and share their story and the paths they took in the manufacturing industry.  

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to connect with your future workforce, please fill out the form below. We hope to see you along the way, as NJMEP brings advanced manufacturing across New Jersey! 

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