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An Additional Resolution For NJ Manufacturers: Plan Your Energy Pricing Strategy

We jumped into the New Year a couple of weeks ago, and with it came new resolutions.  Typically, New Year’s resolutions are reserved for people, but who says they can’t include businesses as well?  Each year, executives often set new goals for their business for the upcoming year, which really are not all that different from an individual’s resolutions.

If your business hasn’t made a resolution yet, we have one for you: reduce your energy prices.

Energy price reduction can actually be quite simple for a manufacturing business if planned out correctly.  In order to assist with this planning, the NJMEP has collaborated with Concord Energy Services, the Energy Consultant and Private Aggregator with the Board of Public Utilities of New Jersey as well as a licensed Energy Agent, to provide leverage that will enable businesses to reduce their energy prices.  This is called the Energy Alliance Program.

The EAP is truly designed with the business owner firmly in mind.  The EAP uses its leverage to obtain the most competitive prices, as well as optimal terms and conditions, for the manufacturer.  This is something the average small manufacturing business could not obtain easily on its own, without the kind of backing afforded by the NJMEP and CES.

In addition to obtaining greater negotiation strength in energy pricing, participating members of the EAP will also have access to a variety of experienced consultants. Consultants offer each business the strategies and solutions required for their energy needs while still finding the best pricing. In the past, contracts for numerous clients in NJ ultimately saved companies over $25 million.

There are never any hidden costs or surprises for members of the EAP, and each business knows its entire energy cost at all times. This is a program entirely designed to benefit the manufacturer without the risk of losing hundreds of dollars each month on unnecessary energy costs.

A manufacturing business can continue to fight for their own energy billing from month to month, or they can start the New Year out right by enrolling in the Energy Alliance Program.  This will be one resolution your bottom line will be thankful to see!

To learn more about NJMEP or to enroll in the EAP, click below!

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