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B2B explainer videos are highly effective, giving buyers info they need to buy!

How to do it remotely during COVID

Robert Weiss, President, MultiVision Digital

Have you noticed that buyers are passively doing their research online? An astonishing rate of 89% of B2B buyers search for answers to their problems. And what’s more, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before the buyer starts to engage with sales (notes ThomasNet).

As one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Dr. James McQuivey, of Forrester Research) a library of B2B explainer videos gives buyers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. – MarketingProfs

Explainer videos are highly effective because they explain things buyers want to know. They are the best form of content for buyers to get educated and can be used for core business objectives like

  • Converting qualified leads 
  • Integrating into SEO tactics 
  • Highlighting the benefits of a product 
  • Educate and inform buyers 
  • Built trust and credibility by showcasing technical staff 
  • Explain complex solutions in an easy to understand way 
  • Social media marketing  
  • Answers FAQs 
  • Lead nurturing campaigns 

To cover all the product categories and questions that buyers have, you will need a library of videos (just like you have a library of brochures, technical documents, PPT decks and white papers) that showcases your technical subject matter experts. Yep, that’s right you technical experts! Why? Aren’t your technical subject matter experts key to driving leads and sales? Don’t salespeople bring them on meetings, phone and Zoom calls?

The power of video allows technical buyers to receive information from your technical team, building credibility for the sales rep. So you don’t have to re-invent the sales process to benefit from the power of video.

80% of marketers say?video?directly helped increase?sales – Wyzol 

With budgets being significantly cut during COVID-19, industrial manufacturing companies are using remote video production for thought leadership videos, sales and FAQs videos to continue their ability to promote their services, expertise, products in a personable manner. Remote Video Capture reduces the cost, time and effort of creating quality video content by eliminating the on-location equipment and crew of a corporate video production company.

Here are 5 Steps to Produce B2B Explainer Videos Remotely During COVID 

1 Align Video to Your Business:

Are you launching a new product, entering a new industry segment or want to gain more market share in an industry? Focusing on your current business strategy will determine what the messaging, visuals and budget need to be for your video project that will resonate with your business objectives.


PDFs with charts and graphics are GREAT materials to be transformed into videos. And by doing that, you will be able to explain them better than text on paper and make it easier for buyers to understand your technology. Take a look at your digital content, product brochures, white papers, PowerPoint decks, and technical assets. Look at things that you’ve done in the past but are still relevant, especially evergreen types of pieces of content that are informative and educational and multi-purpose them into video.

3 – Choosing Talent for Your Video:

With most industrial manufacturing sales, the technical team on the buyer’s side interacts directly with the technical team of the seller’s side. You should be using this same approach with video, as your technical team is a powerful way to build trust and credibility.

4 – Shooting your explainer video remotely

Remote Video Capture records up to 4k video while your talent receives guidance from a director. It reduces the cost, time and effort of creating quality video content by eliminating the on-location equipment, crew and set up of traditional corporate video production.

5 – Edit using charts and graphs

Including lower thirds, charts, graphs text, motion graphics will make your message more engaging and impactful.


Realize an even greater ROI by using your explainer video every day in the sales process. Sales people can now “bring” their technical teams to meetings, lunch and learns, and other steps in the sales process.

B2B sales video for industrial companies are the perfect evolution for your company….buyers have already made the switch.

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