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Building a Culture of Innovation for NJ Manufacturers

Imagine being completely fearless able to take risks and not worry about failure. Let’s go one step further by finding value in failure. Take what was learned from a first attempt and create a version 2.0. Imagine going to a workplace where free-time for discovery is part of the daily schedule. Imagine being able to explore personal pursuits and ideas to help professional creative efforts. This type of work environment could not possibly exist…or could it

Innovation thrives in this environment!

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the ability to see past the here and now to what could be. It is the creation of more efficient products, services, processes and ideas. Innovation does not always mean developing completely new ideas. It can also be small tweaks to an existing product or process that makes it new and innovative.

Change can be very frightening to some companies. They do not see the possibilities and some are even frightened to acknowledge they exist. Staying fat and happy without rocking the boat is where many companies prefer to stay. Business as usual is just fine. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for eventual failure. Markets are incredibly competitive and those who stand still often lose the race. Comfort is poison to innovation!

Why Innovate?

Innovate or Die is the motto for many businesses. The world is constantly changing and technology is one of the main drivers. Consumer demand for goods and services also drives the need for new and innovative products or processes. Markets lack stability and customer preferences are unpredictable. The competition is always coming up with new ideas nipping at the heels of the status quo. Companies that do not innovate eventually are forgotten and fade away.

Required Elements

Innovation needs a very special environment to thrive. An open minded outlook with a sense of curiosity is required. Employees need to feel supported in their efforts and praised on a regular basis. Management needs to create an environment that encourages exploration. Innovative companies look outward instead of constantly focusing on themselves. They look at the world with empathy and care for the people they look to serve.

Risk and failure play a vital role in innovative corporate cultures. Trust is nurtured allowing employees to learn from failed attempts. Penalties for failure are removed in an innovative culture. Learning from failed attempts is not only encouraged but required. Creative processes are fostered promoting exploration and creation of new ideas.

We believe in the success of small business manufacturing in the State of New Jersey. Small business manufacturing plays a vital role in employment in the Garden State because it provides countless jobs to its residents. These companies are major engines of economic growth.

Small business manufacturing relies on innovation for survival. Bringing new and innovative products to market is the key to viability and growth. It is our goal and mission to teach skills to carry on the proud tradition of manufacturing in this great state.

Upcoming Innovation Conferences

If your organization is interesting in pursuing innovation, there is an upcoming Innovation Conference set for July 22nd and July 23rd at the County College of Morris – Student Community Center in Randolph, New Jersey. This Destination Innovation Jumpstart is brought to you by the MarketShift program.

If you are a DOD supplier, you can attend at no cost. For more information, call 973-998-9801 or click the button below.

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