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Built to Last: Parkway Kew & Word Center Printing

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Parkway Kew  

This New Jersey manufacturing business has been in operation since 1953, quickly becoming a leader in the hard surfacing space. In 1993 they moved to North Brunswick, New Jersey and expanded the business to serve wire mills, shipping terminals, and the oil & gas industry. Parkway Kew is constantly looking to expand its capabilities thanks to leadership’s willingness to improve.  

“We are and have to be the leader,” explained Eugene Klein Sr., President, while discussing his businesses track record for innovative thinking and new capital investments. This unwavering need to push the boundaries and expand its capabilities allows Parkway Kew to maintain a reputation for quality and reliability.  

Rejecting progress is easy but is often a recipe for disaster. Businesses that do not adapt and grow are prone to failure. Parkway Kew is a shining example of how a manufacturing organization can thrive and remain an industry leader when innovation and continuous improvement are built into a business strategy. Not only is Parkway Kew actively working on expanding their capabilities and expertise, but they also rely on a family-oriented culture to encourage and engage their workforce.  

World Center Printing  

Some manufacturers are shining examples of how remaining agile and innovative can help them thrive in uncertain environments. Word Center Printing in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, is one of those businesses that is constantly looking toward the future to provide clients with the highest quality services while at the same time setting them apart from the competition. They’ve been in business since 1983 and never stopped working to improve the business.  

“In printing, you have to adapt and pivot constantly”, said Marilyn Silverman, Owner, during an interview. Her drive and determination to continuously improve allowed Word Center Printing to work through the disruptions brought about by the pandemic.  

Manufacturing is a challenging industry, especially today. Technology is in a constant state of advancement. Business leaders are experiencing unprecedented global supply chain challenges. Marketing opportunities are plentiful but locating and utilizing the right channels is not as straightforward as in the past. Marilyn and her team are committed to their customer and are determined to push forward. Word Center Printing took an incredible step toward progress in 2020. 

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