Manufacturing Day

Celebrating Those That Stand up for ‘Made in New Jersey’ Manufacturing

New Industry Allies Added to the ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’

‘MADE in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day is filled with celebrations focused on New Jersey businesses. However, the industry could not progress without some stand-out partners. Time is set aside to honor some of these incredible people that do so much for this vital industry. The ‘MADE in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day Awards would not be complete without recognizing the ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’.

The following individuals are being recognized for supporting the more than 11,000 manufacturing, life sciences, and STEM firms and their 300,000 plus employees in the Garden State. Each of the ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’ recipients is given an award to immortalize their contributions to this critical industry. Manufacturing and the longevity of the industry depends on collaboration, innovation, and people. Those that are recognized at ‘MADE in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day via the ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’ have proven to be allies to the industry, supporting its development and continued progress in New Jersey.

See below for all the 2023 ‘MADE in New Jersey’ Manufacturing Day ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’ recipients:

  • Senator Michael Testa Jr. | New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District
  • Pravina Raghavan | Director, Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program
  • Christina Renna | President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey
  • Dr. Anthony J. Iacono | President, County College of Morris
  • Aaron Fichtner | President, New Jersey Council of County Colleges
  • Steven Gerber, Esq. | Secretary Emeritus, NJMEP
  • Robert Loderstat | CEO Emeritus, NJMEP

New Jersey brings with it countless advantages to businesses, from its geographic location to its dense concentration of resources and highly educated workforce. There’s still no escaping that manufacturers in the state have long been forgotten and neglected. Over the past three years, a light at the end of the tunnel presented itself. A new-found respect for manufacturing by the public has been catching on. The local businesses that stepped up to offset the PPE shortages or donate supplies and resources to their local community garnered positive and well-deserved attention. These businesses never stopped. They helped ensure we all had access to food and did their part in helping the supply chain recover and progress. The ‘Manufacturing Honor Roll’ recipients showed they are willing to speak up for these accomplishments and are working to make sure the industry doesn’t go unnoticed any longer.

On behalf of the entire industry, NJMEP would like to thank all those that continue to help contribute to manufacturing’s progression in New Jersey and the United States of America.

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