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Essential Manufacturing Workers are ‘Unsung Heroes’

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No one is living their normal life. COVID-19 and the devastation it caused, both on a human and economic level is unlike any catastrophe in modern history. Despite that fact, people stood strong and that’s what the song ‘Unsung Heroes’ celebrates. MADE in New Jersey manufacturing businesses stood up in the face of a global pandemic and never stopped producing the essential products the supply chain needs to continue running.

This song dedicated to celebrating the manufacturing industry in New Jersey and across the nation is now available around the world. For the first time, you can stream the full version of the manufacturing anthem. Every essential worker that kept the world turning throughout the pandemic can be celebrated, anytime, anywhere, by listening to ‘Unsung Heroes’ on any of the streaming platforms below.

Unsung Heroes is now streaming on Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes

‘Unsung Heroes’ – The Manufacturing Anthem

‘Unsung Heroes’ is a song NJMEP commissioned Andy White, of the White Noise Scientists, to write and produce. The lyrics highlight the manufacturing workforce that continued to show up each day to ensure everyone still had their medicine, food, and every product that keeps peoples’ world moving. These individuals are often overlooked. New Jersey still manufactures countless essential products, from pharmaceuticals to textiles, and it took a global pandemic to show just how important this industry is to the local and national economy.

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Manufacturing happens in the background. The industry is still wrestling with an outdated public image, but it has been making great strides over the past few years. During a crisis, well-deserved recognition is given to those working on the frontlines like Doctors and Nurses. Manufacturing can be easy to overlook. ‘Unsung Heroes’ is here to be the anthem of the manufacturing industry. This song was produced so these essential manufacturing workers can have their voices heard and be celebrated for making sure Doctors, Nurses, and healthcare workers of all kinds had the equipment and medication they need to keep us all healthy and safe.

Essential MADE in New Jersey Manufacturing

When businesses were being shut down, NJMEP worked tirelessly to highlight the value of the industry and the importance of keeping the supply chain intact. Part of this effort was led through the ‘MADE in New Jersey’ program.

The ‘MADE in New Jersey’ program is a database of manufacturers in the state. Businesses can join at no cost to show the world where their products are made. They are added to the ‘MADE in New Jersey’ directory, their product description added to the public webpage along with a link to their website and are given access to the official Essential “MADE in New Jersey” Manufacturer logo to use on their products or around their facility.

Manufacturers from all over New Jersey continue to sign up in droves, create new connections, and help spread the word that this state still makes.

At the start of the pandemic, many ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturers retooled to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with support from NJMEP. Some of these businesses were introduced to the state of New Jersey to help bolster the PPE stockpile. Without a strong foundation of New Jersey manufacturers connected through the ‘MADE in New Jersey’ program, the fallout from a PPE shortage could have been far worse.

Critical Support for Local Manufacturing

New Jersey manufacturers are in a unique position to continue working on improving and expanding their operations while keeping their workforce as safe as possible. Critical support for New Jersey manufacturing is available during these chaotic times. Take full advantage of the resources made available through the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program by reaching out today.

‘Unsung Heroes’ is a song dedicated to the manufacturing industry. As the manufacturing anthem, this song is here to celebrate the businesses and people that make the industry so incredibly valuable to New Jersey and the nation. Stream ‘Unsung Heroes’ on Spotify, Tidal, or iTunes and give manufacturing its voice.

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