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HR Tips for Manufacturers (Part 1 of 3): Recruitment

Human Resource (HR) departments have changed a lot in the last twenty years. They are more proactive as opposed to their reactive predecessors, and they address change management issues, assist with leadership development and measure organizational effectiveness. HR departments are responsible for recruitment, retention, and training, along with an enormous list of other duties.

This three part series provides a high-level overview of each major area of responsibility starting with Recruitment in Part 1

How to Write a Job Posting

Job postings have one purpose and one purpose only: attract the right candidates to fill your open positions. Crafting the right message with limited space can be a challenge. Getting noticed in a competitive environment is important but it is equally as important to not overwhelm the reader. What is the perfect formula for writing a job posting?

The job title should be the headline then list the basics of the position. Provide the job description, including its general duties. Offer a few words describing what your company does along with a brief description of the corporate culture. Explain what the hiring criteria are including required educational level and relevant work experience. Always provide contact information and rules for submission. Create a favorable impression of your company by being positive and upbeat. Use active voice in the posting to create a buzz and some excitement. Make sure to use the right keywords so candidates can find your open positions when they are doing an Internet job search

Applicant Screening Tips

Hundreds of resumes could be received for one job posting. Screening must be done quickly and effectively in order to find the best potential candidates. First look for candidates that have the required education and professional background; all others can be set aside. Then read their cover letters, what do they have to offer your company? Look for longevity at their former jobs. Job-hopping can hint at a problem. Be aware of any major gaps in employment.

Once all of the possible candidates are identified continue the screening process by scheduling a short phone interview prior to setting up a face-to-face interview.

Tips for Conducting the Interview Process

Most candidates can present well for an hour or two. As the interviewer, it is your job to get beyond that veneer and learn how the person will perform on the job. Assess the candidate’s fit with your corporate culture. Ask questions that will show if the candidate has the right skillset and demeanor.

Incorporate managers and frontline employees into the interviewing process. This group has firsthand knowledge of job demands and stressors. If a job requires technical competency, incorporate a test of practical knowledge. A written or hands on test weeds out candidates lacking proficiency.

Branding Yourself as the Employer of Choice

Employee branding positions a company as the employer of choice to desired candidates. How can your company improve and promote its brand image to attract the most desirable candidates?

  1. Eliminate mediocrity from the company. Build a reputation for hiring and retaining only the brightest, hardest working most motivated employees for each position. The word eventually gets out
  2. Encourage a culture of innovation and debate. Employees must know their opinions and feedback is valued and acted upon.
  3. Employers of choice walk the talk. They do not just espouse virtues of being good citizens. They are socially responsible in their business practices.
  4. Offer a desirable benefits package if economically feasible. It is important to understand what your target audience considers valuable.
  5. Provide a clear path for advancement for potential new hires. Top performers are usually not content at one level for very long.

Human Resources Solutions

Today’s manufacturing universe requires strong HR initiatives to stay competitive in a global market. If you would like to strategically improve your HR efforts, NJMEP offers a variety of HR solutions to the New Jersey manufacturing community.

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