Industry Briefing Event Presented by Rutgers University: Cybersecurity in Energy Efficient Manufacturing

As you may know, over the past 7 years the US Government has created a series of Manufacturing institutes throughout the country under the moniker ‘Manufacturing-USA’ ( 15 States now host an Institute, and these programs partner w/ other key States to provide a national footprint. The latest one being bid is for ‘Cyber-Security in Energy Efficient Manufacturing’, and Rutgers University is looking to play a key role in bringing a portion of this one to NJ. The Federal Funding for such an entity is $70 million.

The main question is…why is this important to you as an NJ Manufacturing & STEM firm? The answer is multi-faceted…

  • Energy, its generation, and its costs drive our Industry – especially in NJ.
  • Cyber-Security and its negative impact of pricing and delivery is at the forefront, not unlike those of us who work in the ‘world’ Dept of Defense.
  • There is a Supply Chain of Manufacturing in this area that has not (yet) taken hold in New Jersey, but needs to asap.

To that end – I ask that you attend an Industry Informational Roundtable –
next Monday, April 29th from 2 to 6 pm at:
Newark Liberty Airport Marriott
1 Hotel Road
Newark, NJ 07114

Please view the attachment, as it has additional details, and you can respond simply by letting Peter Okun (, NJMEP Marketing Director know that you will be attending.

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