Innovate Better: The Innovation Engineering Program

The best thing for any business’ continuous improvement and increased profitability is growth.  Of course, continuous growth isn’t always easy for every manufacturer, because it can often take a lot of time and money to set aside from the day-to-day production process.  To help manufacturers’ accomplish this, the Innovation Engineering Management System ® (IEMS) is available.

The IEMS® is a program originally developed by the Eureka! Ranch for all U.S. manufacturers with a potential and worthwhile approach to creating and producing new products, marketing concepts and other potential improvements to the business.  By using IEMS® in conjunction with the business’ original growth goals, there is also less of a risk for potential errors or issues that might arise from a company venturing this time and effort on its own.

The IEMS® is a three-pronged program known as Purpose—reinvigorate U.S. innovation and growth in manufacturing—Promise—guarantee a culture of innovation that increases production and reduces risk—and Process—implement the system through Define, Discover, Develop and Deliver.

The IEMS® is available for all NJ manufacturers as a series of workshops to improve their businesses and growth potential.  Through the program, executives from the manufacturing business will be offered overviews and coaching, along with two creative sessions designed to brainstorm potential growth plans, weekly IE Pipeline coaching and one Discovery & Design session, where the executives can spend their examining, editing and refining their concepts and proposals.

There are also a variety of other incentives offered in conjunction with the IEMS® program, like access to the nationwide IEMS® Blackbelt program, which provides additional resource support for manufacturers.

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