ISO Certification

ISO Certification: Attract New Customers And Improve Quality

In today’s competitive environment, NJ manufacturers are looking for key ways to attract new customers and boost sales. A critical way companies can do this is by obtaining ISO Certification. Certification signifies that you adhere to international industry standards and can help you gain a competitive advantage with suppliers and consumers.

In its last report, the International Organization for Standardization noted that the number of organizations opting for ISO certification is steadily increasing. If you are not currently certified, you should consider its benefits.

What is ISO Certification?

The ISO 9000 series is an internationally recognized set of standards related to quality management systems. Certification confirms that NJ manufacturers are adhering to world-class standards and meet specific requirements. The process is designed to signify that manufacturers are maintaining optimum product and service levels; increasing efficiencies and sustaining customer satisfaction throughout all phases of manufacturing and distribution are key goals. A Certification Body audits a business to ensure it is complaint with the standards.

Key Advantages of Certification

Certification is beneficial for U.S. manufacturers because it facilitates compliance with the latest manufacturing regulations issued in the United States. Since the ISO standard allows manufacturers better manage various business processes, including production, handling, storing, and transportation of goods, it is one of the best tools manufacturers can get to develop reliable quality management systems and ensure full compliance with the law.

  • Competitive Advantage – An increasing number of consumers and suppliers are becoming aware of the fact that ISO certified manufacturers offer superior products and services to customers. As a result, most people prefer to purchase products from manufacturers with certification. Example: if an organization is ISO 9001 certified, and its competitors are not, it has great competitive advantage. Another important aspect is that the manufacturing industry tends to become a highly competitive sector, with more and more companies becoming certified and having industry-specific quality management systems in place. An increase in competition will force manufacturers to find new ways to improve the quality of their products and services, boost efficiency, and decrease costs, which will offer customers more value than ever before.
  • Fewer Quality Audits – Since ISO certifications include the tools necessary to develop superior quality management systems, there will be fewer customer complaints and quality audits. Instead of making adjustments and changing directions, manufacturers will be able to focus on more important business aspects and use resources more efficiently.
  • Increased Revenue – Standards help manufacturers not only to create quality management systems, but also to understand and respond to the needs of their customers. Offering exactly what customers need, when they need it will enable businesses allocate resources more appropriately, which will lead to increased revenue.
  • Enhanced Communication across Organizations – ISO also focuses on employee involvement. Raising quality awareness among employees and making them part of quality management systems will improve communication across companies, helping management teams find better ways to address and solve issues hindering organizational progress.

Get Assistance with the Registration Process

Registration takes time and training. NJMEP can guide you throughout the process and help you obtain certification for:

  • ISO Gap Analysis
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 2000
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 22000 

Recent NJMEP Successes:

  • $1.1 million in increased & retained sales: Precision Machine Shop
  • $250,000 in increased & retained sales: Electrical Components Manufacturer
  • $110,000 in increased & retained sales: Aerospace Supplier

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