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ISO Certification Is The Key To Success For Paterson, NJ Manufacturer

Today in the manufacturing industry, manufacturers around the U.S. are constantly striving to improve operations, create new growth opportunities, and enhance competitiveness. In conjunction with strengthening the manufacturing industry and driving global competitiveness, manufacturers must also focus on generating cost effective / efficient methods to produce quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

So how are manufacturers successfully conquering this challenge, all while maintaining profitability and growth? For example, manufacturers like Crown Leaf, Inc. have found the answer through the adoption of ISO 9001 certification.

About the Company: Crown Roll Leaf, Inc. is a manufacturer located in Paterson, New Jersey, that has a customer base from 50 countries employs over 200 people in what is the largest foil manufacturing facility in the United States. The company produces over 60 million linear feet of finished foil products each month and ships them 7 days a week from its 150,000 sq. ft. headquarters. Their unique products defeat forgers with its breakthrough advances in multi-level ID security technology.

Challenges: Many of Crown Roll Leaf, Inc. customers were asking the company to become ISO 9001* certified.  Without certification, management anticipated a decline in sales which would result in reducing its workforce.

Solution: In order to minimize training costs for employees learning the ISO 9001 system, NJMEP recommended applying for a Skills4Jersey grant as the company met the criteria for qualifying. With NJMEP assistance Crown Roll Leaf completed the grant application and once notification of the award was received, training began. The ISO 9001 training helped Crown Roll Leaf develop a quality manual for long-term success, retain employees that could have been let go, and additionally hire 18 new employees at the close of the training grant.

Results: As a result of partnering with NJMEP, Crown Roll Leaf, Inc. was able to:

  • Increase Sales of $500,000
  • Achieve an overall cost savings of $130,000
  • Invest $46,601 in training
  • Save $22,000 in training costs due to the Skills4Jersey investment in the company
  • Match $24,600 in as part of the Skills for Jersey grant requirements

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