June 7, 2019, is Signing Day for NJMEP Apprentices

June 7, 2019, is Signing Day for NJMEP Apprentices

Pro-Action Education Network™

June 7th marks a major milestone for the NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network™ Apprenticeship program. NJMEP is hosting a ‘Signing Day’, honoring the students and their employers in the first and second apprenticeship cohorts. Both of these groups are in the Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician program and each student has shown an incredible drive to apply the lessons they’ve learned to their current roles and offer more value to their employers. Beginning in April of 2019, the NJMEP’s apprentice model combines work-based learning coupled with related technical instruction to increase career options as well as meet employer’s needs for skilled workers.

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The Proclamation being signed represents the NJMEP’s partnership with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) and their commitment to the program. It signifies a strong collaborative effort between NJMEP, the LWD, and the participating companies as well as their employees. NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo and NJMEP CEO John W. Kennedy will be present at the event as well as the employers connected with each apprentice. Both John W. Kennedy and Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo will be signing the proclamation for each of the businesses involved with the NJMEP’s Apprenticeship program.

As the New Jersey manufacturing industry continues to struggle finding qualified workers, there are organizations working to build a bridge between educational institutions and the workforce. NJMEP is creating an environment through its Pro-Action Education Network™ to ease the skills gap for NJ businesses and provide the training and education necessary for manufacturing to continue forward. Through customizable Apprenticeship Programs spearheaded by NJMEP, businesses in a variety of sectors can begin up-skilling their workforce and finding new, talented individuals to fill open jobs.

‘Signing Day’ on June 7,2019 is an exclusive event, only open to individuals with an invitation. Attendees include government officials, NJMEP staff, and Cohort 1 and 2 apprentices and their employers.

About NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network™: The goal of NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network™ is to provide New Jersey manufacturers with access to qualified workers, train and up-skill their current workforce, and offer the education and resources these businesses need to continue driving business forward. NJMEP is working closely with Community Partners, CTE schools, Vocational/Technical Schools, Community Colleges, and Career Centers throughout the state to pool resources and create as many pathways as possible taking part in the program. It is a scalable model to create opportunities and more accurately and effectively meet employer demand.

More information on NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network™ is available, here.

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