Local Manufacturers Advocate for MEP at Hill Day

Several New Jersey manufacturing leaders – Peter Connolly from  ShockTech, Inc, John and Stella Baker from General A&E, Mitch Cahn from Unionwear, Amy Eskilson from Inrad Optics Inc, Victor Sordillo from Sompo International and Brian Neuwirth from Unex – traveled with NJMEP to Washington, DC March 6th – March 9th to advocate in support of NJMEP and the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program funding during the annual Hill Day Initiative.

MEP is a catalyst for strengthening American manufacturing – accelerating its ongoing transformation into a more efficient

and powerful engine of innovation driving economic growth and job creation. NJMEP is one of over 50 MEP Centers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Hill Day consisted of meetings with each of the New Jersey congressional delegates in the House and Senate office buildings to discuss manufacturing and the important role that NJMEP and the MEP National Network play in assisting small to mid-sized U.S. manufacturers.

Attending manufacturers shared their experiences and benefits received by working with NJMEP.

Brian Neuwirth said, “Having the opportunity to meet personally with the Legislators and Staffers on Capitol Hill with the NJMEP team, along with other manufacturing leaders, was an educational event and investment surely that will pay off for both business and government leaders.”

NJMEP discussed how the MEP program is a powerful economic driver in the support of U.S. manufacturing and that since 2000, NJMEP has helped manufacturers in New Jersey realize more than $3.7 billion in value.

NJMEP is the catalyst of:

  •     The creation and retention of more than 31,122 jobs
  •     $2.69 billion in increased/retained sales
  •     $627 million in capital investments
  •     $380 Million in process improvement savings

NJMEP received unparalleled support from congressional delegates on the MEP program.  NJMEP continues to work closely

with congressional delegates, New Jersey Legislative Bi-Partisan Manufacturing Caucus, and the manufacturing community with a focus on improving the manufacturing industry’s competitiveness through innovative solutions to products and processes.

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