Workforce Development Grants

Manufacturers Celebrate New Bill

New Jersey manufacturing has a growing list of legislators advocating for the industry. This is becoming even more evident by Governor Murphy’s recent signing of Assemblyman Hal Wirths bill. The bill gives manufacturers preference when applying for workforce development grants.

Manufacturers Secure Workforce Development Training Grant Priority

“This law will help support the more than 250,000 people currently employed in New Jersey’s manufacturing industry by providing them with the skills they need to advance in their careers,” said Wirths. “Manufacturers will have a greater ability to invest in their employees, retain their talent, create jobs, and grow the economy.”

Manufacturing around the nation is currently facing a skills gap. It has become difficult to find people with all the experience and skills manufacturers need. However, manufacturers can instead cultivate their talent pipeline by providing training opportunities to employees. According to the NJMEP 2019 Industry Report, the average annual salary of a manufacturing worker is over $90,000. The opportunities are incredible in the industry but the public perception of the industry over the past couple decades has convinced people manufacturing is no longer a viable career choice. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Manufacturing Professional Development Opportunities

“Employers are in need of qualified workers to fill manufacturing jobs that pay a good living. These grants help meet workforce demands and provide gainful employment,” said Wirths. 

The bill introduced by Assemblyman Hal Wirths is aimed at providing support to manufacturers willing to train individuals and giving them the skills they need to contribute to their organizations. Furthermore, the skills the employees develop through manufacturing training programs will set them on a path to an amazing career in a thriving industry here in New Jersey. 

“Helping New Jersey employers properly train their workforce will help create, upgrade, and retain jobs to which our residents wouldn’t otherwise have access,” said Assemblyman Houghtaling (D-Monmouth). “By adding manufacturing employers, we’re opening up a whole new field with a variety of positions that will empower people to become more self-sufficient and employable,”

Understanding what manufacturers need in New Jersey is essential in delivering critical business-positive legislation that continues to promote manufacturing in the state. The Manufacturing Caucus, with help from NJMEP, have expanded their meetings to South Jersey to make sure the needs of all the manufacturers throughout the state are heard.

NJBIA Vice President for Government Affairs Mike Wallace stated, ‘As we saw at the Manufacturing Caucus hearing in South Jersey earlier this fall, finding skilled workers is a huge challenge for manufacturers in this job market,” He continued by stating, “If we want to make New Jersey a place where manufacturers can succeed, we must provide a way for them to find the skilled workers they need.”

Workforce training grants provide manufacturers the opportunity to cultivate talent. Instead of relying on high schools to training students, or hoping a CNC operator with 20+ years of experience happens to answer a job ad, manufacturers can proactively bridge their own skills gaps.

Special thank you to all the members of the New Jersey Manufacturing Caucus

  • Senator Lindsay Greenstein
  • Senator Oroho
  • Senator Thompson
  • Senator Troy Singleton 

Special thank you to all the New Jersey Legislature that sponsored the Bills

  • Senator Dawn Marie Addiego  as Primary Sponsor
  • Senator Fred H. Madden, Jr. as Primary Sponsor
  • Assemblyman Wayne P DeAngelo as Primary Sponsor
  • Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling as Primary Sponsor
  • Assemblyman Harold J. Wirths as Primary Sponsor
  • Senator Steve V. Oroho as Co-Sponsor
  • Senator Anthony M. Bucco as Co-Sponsor (during time in Assembly)
  • Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy as Co-Sponsor
  • Assemblyman Parker Space as Co-Sponsor
  • Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin as Co-Sponsor
  • Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle as Co-Sponsor

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