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Manufacturing Cares: Kuehne Company Helping Feed Hungry New Jersey Residents

This local manufacturer Donates $5,000 to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States, news became grim. Manufacturers in New Jersey were able to remain open, but only through the combined efforts of the entire industry and the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP). Besides the bit of good news that New Jersey would consider all manufacturing “essential”, there haven’t been many stories highlighting the resilience of the industry and the kindness of the community. 

Kuehne Company, a manufacturer in New Jersey was able to add some beauty to an ugly situation. They produce industrial chemicals like bleach, caustic soda, and chlorine. This manufacturer gave back in an amazing way. The company raised $5,000 for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey through the ‘Manufacturing Cares food drive. Every dollar donated equals three meals. Over 15,000 meals will be able to be distributed through the Community FoodBank of New Jersey because of their efforts. 

There are thousands of New Jersey residents that go hungry each day. Many of which are children. During times of crisis, it’s easy to forget about this underserved community. When companies like Kuehne and NJMEP combine efforts, incredible contributions are possible. 

NJMEP spoke with William Paulin, Co-President of Kuehne to see why the company felt so strongly about giving back to their local community. 

Q: What made your company want to put in so much effort behind this initiative?

A: Kuehne has always been in the community servicing industry. Our products ensure that New Jersey, as well as Mid-Atlantic and southern New England regions residents, have clean drinking water. Therefore, when NJMEP let us know that there was a substantial need at the New Jersey Food Bank we felt compelled to provide financial assistance.

Q: Do you want to highlight any efforts from individuals on your team?

A: Kuehne has always been very proud to be part of the first responders for hazardous spills in Region 1 vis Chlorep Emergencies. Annually our emergency response team sends trainers as well as receives training at the Mississippi Fire Academy. Kuehne is chair of the Chlorine Institutes packaging committee as well as being part of its board of directors. Kuehne wants to thank all of the mission-critical workers for continuing to come to work every day to produce and deliver the products to the region ensuring that there is uninterrupted healthy drinking water. 

Kuehne is not a stranger to giving back. Paulin stated, “Kuehne has provided financial assistance to the local police and fire department for a rescue boat and to assist with funding a new fire engine. Kuehne has adopted a section of a highway in New Castle Delaware. Last year, for Kuehne’s 100 Year Celebration, we packaged personal care bags for the military. Beyond what Kuehne has done in the past, currently, there appears to be a need for disinfectant cleaners at hospitals. Kuehne was approached by a CCNJ member to provide bleach and they would package it to distribute to hospitals at no cost. Kuehne is reaching out to other partners in CT and DE to see if there is a need as well.”

Up to this point, this Manufacturing Hero committed $5,000 to NJMEP Manufacturing Cares Food Drive. They have hopes of making another contribution in May for the same amount. These contributions are invaluable. The Community FoodBank of New Jersey equates every $1 donated to 3 meals for a person in need. Through this donation Kuehne alone was able to contribute 15,000 meals to food insecure New Jerseyeans. 

Paulin’s passion for helping support his local community was evident. He explained that this is not the first nor the last charitable contribution the company would make. “Kuehne has been a family-owned, New Jersey-based company for 100 years and has always believed in community and family. Knowing that community and family are most important, it is the civic duty of Kuehne to provide assistance to our local communities when there is a need. Kuehne will continue to do its part through this unprecedented need,”.

Manufacturing businesses all throughout New Jersey are stepping up in a variety of ways. Some are retooling to manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the healthcare industry, others are contributing to their local food pantries, and all are working to keep their business open ensuring that the economy continues forward. New Jersey manufacturers, especially those part of the complimentary ‘Made in New Jersey’ program have been highlighted as MFG Heroes since the pandemic began. Kuehne is the embodiment of what makes up a MFG Hero and NJMEP is grateful for the work they continue to do. 

Over the past year, the Manufacturing Cares Food Drive has raised over $21,000 in support of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. These funds have provided tens of thousands of meals for hungry New Jersey residents, many of whom are children. Anyone can contribute to the Virtual Food Drive. For more information on how to help, visit this link and get started.

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