New Innovation Institutes Remind Us The Importance Of Innovation

Legislators from across the political aisle agree: manufacturing is vital to the U.S. economy. Furthermore, legislators, as well as the media, business community and general public at large, are catching wind that innovation is the cornerstone of U.S. manufacturing.

It was just recently announced that the U.S. will create two new manufacturing innovation institutes. The institutes will bring together manufactures and researchers in an effort to improve upon the country’s manufacturing capabilities. The ultimate goal is to establish America as the “hotbed” of innovation and entice more companies to start and build manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation Institute (LM3I)

The LM3I Institute will be based out of Detroit Michigan and is spearheaded by the nonprofit group EWI, the University of Michigan and Ohio State. Institute leaders will work with more than 60 different manufacturers, private organizations and universities and colleges. General Electric, Honda, Boeing and Alcoa, as well as leaders in the titanium, steel and aluminum fields, will come together to explore the benefits of lightweight metals. Lightweight metal is already being used successfully in the automobile industry and its production benefits may prove to offer more cost-effective options in other fields.

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDI)

The DMDI Institute will be headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Major players in manufacturing such as Caterpillar, Boeing, Proctor and Gamble and Lockheed Martin will join forces with some leading software developing companies like Microsoft, MSC Software, Systems Insight and 3D Systems. The collaboration will include 70 different companies, universities and research companies and will enhance the digital software capabilities of manufacturers.

Innovation Engineering

Consistently exploring new product developments is critical for New Jersey manufacturers. However, the risks and costs associated with new product and process innovations can be risky and costly.

 The Innovation Accelerator Program was developed to provide U.S. Manufacturers with a systematic and sustainable approach towards a continuous generation of new products, marketing concepts and/or process improvements. The program is designed to accomplish this while dramatically reducing the risks typically associated with such activities.

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